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Local Control Accountability Plan

Local Control Accountability PlanAlexander Valley School is a school with a vision of continuing excellence in meeting the needs of the students it serves academically, emotionally, socially, and physically. We have a firm belief that all students can learn, and, once individual strengths are identified, we are responsible for providing opportunities for our students to be successful and thus gain in academic achievement, confidence, and self esteem.

Alexander Valley Union School District is a single school district located in northern Sonoma County. Alexander Valley School (AVS) is a rural school in an area well known as a premium wine grape growing region. Several small boutique wineries are present in the valley, producing award winning wines made from the local harvest of grapes. Many of the families who attend AVS earn their livelihood through the wine related industry. AVS serves students in grades Kindergarten through sixth.

Students who attend AVS come from diverse cultural and socio economic backgrounds. Of the 116 students on the October 2017 CBEDS count, 51 live outside the District attendance boundaries.
26% of the students receive ELD services in the school EL Program. The primary language for the majority of these students is Spanish.

AVS employs 7.00 FTE regular classroom teachers, 1 FTE RSP/intervention teacher, .45 certificated Spanish teacher, .15 Mathematics intervention teacher, .30 Science teacher, .39 FTE Garden Teacher
and a .2 FTE speech and language therapist. A .47 FTE classified Physical Education specialist is also employed. Additionally, 2.1 FTE classified employees are assigned to academic support. The students are organized in single grade classrooms in grades Kindergarten through sixth. The general fund supports low ratios of students. This is evidenced by having average class sizes ranging from16 in primary grades and 18 in the intermediate grades.