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Alexander Valley School provides a rigorous academic program and wide range of enrichment classes in an intimate, family oriented environment. Staff specialists in art, choral and instrumental music, dance, physical education, garden and nutrition, conversational Spanish, and computer technology provide programs to all our students, Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. In the past, other enrichment opportunities have also included Lego robotics, chemistry, cooking, and astronomy. Students and their families also have access to after-school child care with homework support each afternoon.

In addition to its exemplary teaching staff, and extensive extra-curricular offerings, Alexander Valley School provides a warm, caring environment for each student. Small class sizes throughout the grades (class sizes are 16 students to 1) ensure that each child’s academic and social-emotional needs are met. Highly trained teachers meet weekly to develop and refine instructional strategies that ensure that each child has every opportunity to realize his or her unique potential. The AVS Parent Club is an active partner, providing strong financial and hands-on support to the school staff.

Please, explore Alexander Valley School on our website and in person. Please feel free to contact us.


  • Comprehensive enrichment program that address the Whole Child.
  • Smallest class sizes in the area.
  • No combination classes.
  • Extensive opportunities for parent participation.
  • Community celebrations.
  • A connection to our rural heritage.
  • A small, safe environment.
  • A commitment to provide state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Funded at a level more than twice the California state average.